Even More Testimonials

Below are more of Tim’s clients sharing their experiences of the miraculous healing received by Tim Wu.

    • From Andrew Baker
      Dude, I admit to being a bit unsure at first… but with just a one hour session, it feels like he fixed my bulging disc…thereby alleviating the excruciating pain in my ass known as sciatica! This guy rocks! I really look forward to the remaining 3 visits…I’ll post follow ups.
      I have suffered from chronic sciatica (latin for major pain in the ass!)for at least a year…couldn’t sleep..couldn’t walk without excruciating pain..Then i met Biznik… Biznik introduced me to Tim Wu…and presto..I can walk..sleep..and other things:) much better..pain is 85% better in only two visits..Don’t worry..I will be posting this in the testimonial section of his profile..oops i already did..well, may have to get him to fix my broken short term memory also..But seriously with such amazing results..I thought you wouldn’t mind if i shared my experience with this incredibly gifted healer.

    • Miss. Yang – Software Engineer
      I have been a patient of Mr. Xi Wu (Tim)since Feb 2002. Mr. Wu’s unique and effective treatment on my lower back problem has been extremely helpful and nothing has been comparable to the quick effect of his treatment. I’d recommend any patient who suffers for similar symptoms to seek help from Dr. Wu. I am a very healthy and active woman and just had my 40th birthday. With a long history of spinal injury from my early age gymnastic practice, I’ve been suffering low back and neck pain for the past 20 years. I’ve never been able to use my back in full strength. With daily therapeutic exercise, I was able to survive daily routines most of the time. In the past 5-10 years, there has been a few episode of sciatica nerve problem, which kept me from getting up from bed. The most recent one was in February 2002 when my low back as well as upper leg on the right starts to suffer. In the worst time, I could not find any position to feel comfortable and I had hard time to go to sleep. RMI shows disc extrusive between L4 and L5, as well as disc fragment and extrusive between L5 and S1. Listening to my family doctor’s suggestions, I went through different massage as well as physical therapy but nothing really helped to reduce my pain. Two weeks later, I visited Mr. Wu at his office. Even after the first treatment, I felt significant reduction of pain on my lower back and upper leg. With a few more follow up treatment, the pain on my lower back and upper leg disappeared. It’s interesting to point out that Dr. Wu’s treatment is not only focused on my lower back where I had disc problem. He treated my entire spinal all the way from my neck to my lower back. After his treatment, not only my sciatic nerve symptom cured but also I felt an overall enhancement on my spinal function as well as general energy level. Again, I think Mr. Wu’s treatment is very unique and effective. I’d recommend it to anyone who is currently suffering for similar symptoms.

    • William Hsieh
      This letter is to inform you about my past experiences with Mr. Xi Wu (Tim). It happened in about 1994, I was lifting a sofa chair from main floor to the second. The chair was so heavy that the lifting caused me a back strain. A few hours later the pain was so excruciating that I was not able to stand it ( I was trained to endure lots of pain since childhood). Seeing my pain, my wife called Mr. Wu. He appeared in the front door about 30 minutes after the call. About another 30 minutes later my back pain was gone. Next day, I went to his office for another 30 minutes session and final checkup. After that the strain, the pain was gone forever. My wife and I was so amazed by his ability to cure a pain so severe so quickly and completely that we have consulted him about every muscle and bone joints injuries ever since. And my wife has rheumatoid arthritis. It causes inflammation and excruciating pain on the joints. There are not drugs effective enough to cure the disease completely. Steroid is the main prescription my wife has for controlling the disease and relieving the pain. The side effects of steroid are well known so that my wife would not take it unless the pain is unbearable. There are times, however, when heavy does of steroid is required to relieve the pain, my wife would call Mr. Wu for help. What Mr. Wu did was to bring the body “waste” to the skin surface so that it will not block the flow of the “Chi” or “Qi” (energy) . Removing the blockage relieve the pain. It is hard to imagine how my wife could manage the pain without Mr. Wu’s help. I refer Mr. Wu to my friends or people I know because his techniques are very effective and helpful. In my opinion, it is an excellent alternative to physical therapy or chiropractic.

    • Jessie Smith
      I’ve been suffering from back pain and a rotator cuff injury for years. I’ve been to a chiroproctor, accupuncturist, and a physical therapist. All who which relieved a small amount of the pain. Tim’s unique therapy really moved the injury out of my body. My back feels a lot sturdier and I can teach my fitness classes pain free. I can do pushups again!