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Below are more of Tim’s clients sharing their experiences of the miraculous healing received by Tim Wu.

    • Dec. 20, 2010
      From Carmen Pierre-Louis
      I have been, for some time, suffering from: cramps and numbness in my arms and hands, sensations of flies in my eyes; excessive heat and shaking in my stomach; tiredness and nausea; water retention in my legs and feet.A friend has recommended that I consult with Mr. Tim Wu; my friend has said that he had helped her overcoming some physical problems. So I went to see Mr. Wu.After two treatment sessions, the cramps and numbness in my arms and hands, the flies in my eyes have disappeared; after the third session, the tiredness, the nausea, the heat and shaking in my stomach have gone; after the fourth session there was no water retention in my legs and feet. In addition I want to mention that my neck, which used to be stiff and painful, has become more flexible.I am grateful to Mr. Wu for the significant improvement of my health; the unusual tapping method and the use of medicinal herbs have been very effective.
      Thank you Mr. Wu.

    • April 12, 2009
      Mary J.
      I have had severe migraines for years. So severe that 4 days out of the week I could not function. Doctors said my tests showed normal. I was given preventative pills to help alleviate some of the migraines. Nothing worked. By the time I went to Tim, I had no energy. I had low blood pressure and my pulse was not easy to identify. Tim was able to detect what was causing a lack of energy and migraines. Tim patiently took the time to explain to me how our energy system works and cured the migraine I had in around 15 minutes. He did not rush me out the door.It has been 2 and half months and I have not had a migraine return. Problem cured at the source. No pills. No acupuncture. This was only with one session. After that, each session, Tim gives me extra tools to slowly but surely rebuild my energy system.Tim’s extensive knowledge combined with his gentle and professional manner will guarantee you results to tacklea problem that medical doctors may have told you is incurable. I truly feel grateful to have had the opportunity to see Tim and end a long battle with migraines.

    • Mon Sep 10, 2007.
      From Ed Antkowiak
      I recently have had the pleasure of getting several treatments from Tim. I have a lot of old injuries that frequently cause me pain and restricted movements, and have had the opportunity over many years to receive manual treatments from experts in many different styles of bodywork, from different cultures. I have studied with a number of them, and practiced what I have learned in treating lots of people. I can say that Tim’s work is exceptional and very unique – he clearly has inherited an unusual and effective form of therapeutic treatment from his family, and has cultivated a very high degree of excellence in his skills. I am convinced that his treatments will help me with things that I have thought that I would just have to live with – after the first treatment, while I was sore, I could also feel things changing on some very deep levels, and more freedom of movement. I look forward to receiving more treatments from Tim in the future – I think that he will be able to help me with a lot of chronic body pains that have not responded to other forms of treatment. His work is hard to describe, and words hardly do it justice. If you are suffering from painful conditions, and have not found relief with the treatments you have tried, I would suggest giving Tim a call – he has a rare gift. I suspect that he could help people suffering from a wide variety of physical ailments. It would be worth a call to him to ask him if he could help you.

    • February 25, 2007
      Suzie Gonzales
      Dreams on a Budget
      Tim’s Energy Tapping with Herbs Tincture removed my spider veins on my legs after only four treatments. I think Tim has a great future in the cosmetic surgery industry through a non-evasive procedure. Thanks Tim!

    • February 20, 2007
      From Michael Max L. AC
      As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I have of course, heard of people using qigong to promote healing. Heard about, yes. Practice it for my own cultivation and health, yes. Know people who teach it, yes. But, all my teachers, both here and in Asia, they all used needles and herbs. So, I was naturally curious when Tim told me about his practice and methods. And a bit skeptical too, but then, I’m naturally skeptical, so that is nothing new.I am a firm believer in trying something for yourself, and judging by the results.For many many years I’ve had a nagging cough after having a cold. The medicine I know can usually control it, but it generally takes time. After the first treatment, I seemed to have misplaced that cough. I’ve had a couple more treatments with Tim, and the cough, well it seems to have hit the road.Tim does indeed have a unique, and what is more, effective therapy. If you have some kind of chronic issue that you would like to lose. Do give him a chance to help you!

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