Qi Gong is suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Tim Wu teaches Taoist Qi Gong.

Daoist Qi Gong
The Qi Gong that Tim is teaching now is the oldest known system of Qi Gong, having the history of 5,000 years. This system integrates the physical, energy and spiritual anatomies. It is one of the most complete development systems in the world. Its teachings and learning come from the entire universe.

Wu’s Therapy
Wu’s therapy is to scan and treat patient’s diseases by the use of developed energy from practitioner. Practitioner can catch the information about patient’s diseases while he is scanning or treating. The practitioner scans the patient’s three aspects, energy, physical and informational system to find out where is the main source that has caused the disease. Then he provides the proper energy treatment for the patient to awake weakened or dormant energy system, opens the Qi channels, re-establishes innate healing functions, strengthens and balances the patient’s Qi among the organs. Also the practitioner activates the patient’s connection with the universe to gather external energies to benefit his specific condition.