Releasing the Qi from one’s body

First, we need to know how a Qi Gong practitioner gets Qi into their body. A practitioner refines an essential material that is already found in the body into Qi by a special technique. Then, by growing and moving the Qi in the body, the practitioner can feel its existence and see their meridians that are full of colorful energy. When a practitioner becomes extremely calm and the third eye is opened. The practitioner can also get the Qi from the universe, the sun, the moon, water and the trees through some acupoints on the body. Since the practitioner can take Qi in from outside of the body, he can also release the Qi through some acupoints on the body of the patient.

A skilled Qi Gong practitioner can use this Qi channelling for treating others. Qi stagnation or blood stagnation may be the cause of any disease; to combat this, the practitioner releases his or her strong Qi to open the stasis or stagnation that stays in the patient’s meridians or organs, at the root of the disease. The disease will be cured after the stasis or stagnation disappears, thanks to the Qi Gong practitioner’s work.

There are many different methods for a practitioner to perform Qi Gong treatment:

Touch style: the practitioner uses his or her hand (palm or finger), touching certain areas of the patient’s body, then releases Qi through that area to open where the Qi has stagnated to heal the disease.

Non-touch style: the practitioner sends the Qi to the patient’s area of disease to perform the treatment without any physically touch, even from long distances away. This high level of Qi Gong treatment does not use Qi but Shen (spiritual power) which is refined from Qi.