Wu’s Unique Qi Gong

Qigong therapy is the most comfortable and effective therapy in the world.

Wu’s unique Qi Gong is derived from ancient original Qi Gong practices that existed in China five thousand years ago, then split into Daoist Qi Gong, Buddhist Qi Gong, and others later.

In the Qi Gong field, there are many different styles of Qi Gong. Each style has its special purpose. Wu’s Qi Gong focuses on increasing life energy levels, improving health conditions, increasing longevity, and purification of the soul. It’s simple but very effective and safe.


1. Use the simplest and most fundamental physical manifestation of Qi Gong exercises.

2. An ancient comprehensive framework enables one to experience the four states of being that are integral to the Qi Gong practice: the relaxed/stability state, the deep calm/blissful state, the pause/emptiness/all-connectedness state and the wisdom beyond knowledge – non-dual state.

3. An open methodology allows spontaneous and non-doctrinal teaching to adapt tools from all parts of the world, which support specific physical, energetic and spiritual development stages.

4. Seeking balance in the practice of Qi Gong offers structure, stability, and support to build a long-term practice with the openness and flexibility to develop inner awareness and intuition; this in turn sparks spontaneous leaps in the practitioner’s experiences.

5. Support personal practice with teaching and healing; these two pillars help to continuously encourage, expand and deepen the personal practice.

6. Integrating the self with the world, Qi Gong allows us to manifest the practice of presence, awareness and connectedness with our surroundings, the society, our environment and the universe, thus attaining total sustainability.