The Objectives of QI Gong

The objectives of practicing Qi Gong lie in three main areas: cleansing of the body and the mind, restoration of energy, and opening up one’s physical and mental potentials.

  1. Cleansing of the body and mind:
    Special technique of visualization, breathing, body gesture and movements are used to cleanse and purify the body and the mind. This is the foundation of Qi Gong training, especially in today’s polluted and emotionally overstressed world. In this process energy is also gained and stored, and one’s potential is further developed. Ancient Chinese sayings are: “That’s why an empty heart yearns not for Tao and Tao comes for it itself.””Cultivate Dantian (the “field of medicine” area below the navel), cleanse the six organs… it can turn rotten into prosperity.” What is meant by this is that, if one can place his/her body and mind in this cleansing state during Qi Gong practice, one will arrive at a yin-yang harmony, with meridians free of blockages, and a strengthened immune system. For someone with an illness, this is the point in the self-healing process where “bad elements” are dispelled.
  2. Restoration of energy:
    This includes generating and storing of energy. During the process of mind and body cleansing, the practitioner also gathers the tiny essential elements from the universe (e.g. Qi, light, sound, and other forms of nature’s “primary energy”), which promotes the quantity and quality of his/her internal Qi and thus energy. This is the point in the self-healing process where the immune system is being strengthened.
  3. Development physical and mental potentials:
    This includes developing the natural abilities (e.g. Athletes practice Qi Gong to improve their performances in weightlifting, swimming, and running. Some others practice electric Qi Gong to increase their resistance to electricity) as well as cultivating potential extraordinary abilities such as telepathy, psychokinetic, and seeing through concrete wall, etc. In fact, human potentials can only be further discovered and utilized when the body and mind are regularly being cleansed, and his/her energy is regenerated and well-stored.